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God bless you!

Jesus has changed your life. Do you want to save the changes (Yes/No)?

     Fr. Jim’s thoughts on Palm Sunday:  Hopefully all of you are well and keeping your balance in this climate of ‘social distance’.  I am fine, but do miss all your smiling faces.  As every Sunday, I will be offering Mass for all you parishioners of both parishes alone in St. Theresa Church at 8:00 am on Palm Sunday.  Sorry—they forbade us from blessing and distributing palms this year. 

     You know that on Good Friday, the very same people—the Lord’s own people, who on Palm Sunday cried, “Hosana to the King” were shouting, “Crucify Him.”  How quickly our attitudes and moods can change as Christ’s own followers.  Under the stress of not being able to get out, or not being able to go to work or school, being pent up with spouse and or children, we can easily turn on one another and say or do hurtful things.  Hopefully when this happens, we can get around to saying “I’m sorry” and making amends.  This is where the rubber meets the road for us practically this Lent.  This is real life for us Christians.  This is were Virus leads to Virtue.  We can grow in our personal discipline to overcome our outbursts.  We can grow in honest expression of repentance to one another and to the Lord.  More power to you in this.  God bless you!

The Church is not empty.  The Church has been deployed.  #bethechurch


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Holy Week

Let’s celebrate Holy Week as a parish church, praying Our Holy Week Supplication in our domestic churches—our homes!  Whether you are praying alone, or with members of your family, know that you are united with the Risen Christ and his Church. 

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